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Level Up Handgun Training

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Practical Pistol Foundations

The Practical Pistol Foundations training plan is a fairly generalist training plan designed to cover the broad range of practical pistol skills. Shooting sports like USPSA/IPSC or IDPA are used as the inspiration of where to prioritize the various skills. Core skills focused on: Accuracy at speed Transitions Entries & exits Shooting on the move […]

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Universal Dry Fire Warmup

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

A quick and simple drill set to work on key practical pistol skills, great for a short warmup before a training session.

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Quick Holster-less Tune Up

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

A quick set to improve target acquisition, transitions, and shooting on the move – no holster (or pants) needed!

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Practical Pistol Foundations

Drill Set Time: 15/30/45 minutes

A well rounded general drill set to cover all the key skills for practical pistol shooting.

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Handgun Skill Standards

Establish a baseline for key practical pistol shooting skills, which can be used to measure skill progression.

Learn How to Shoot on the Move One Step at a Time

Have you ever seen a defensive gun use where both parties just stood there shooting at each other? No? Then learn how to shoot on the move!

Sig Sauer Academy Shows How to Shoot on the Move

Shooting on the move is a very important skill for conceal carriers and competition shooters. It’s more difficult than video games make it seem.

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Don’t Stop Moving

Work on “leave sooner, shoot sooner” so position entries and exits are practically just shooting on the move.

Bar Hop

Step so smoothly that you don’t need to stop shooting.


Moving Draw

Practice drawing the gun like it was a defensive encounter – on the move!