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Structured dry fire & handgun drill sets.

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Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

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New to Shooting Competitions

Drill Set Time: 15/30/45 minutes

A drill set designed for new competitors to get used to key safety skills for the sport

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Practical Pistol Foundations

The Practical Pistol Foundations training plan is a fairly generalist training plan designed to cover the broad range of practical pistol skills. Shooting sports like USPSA/IPSC or IDPA are used as the inspiration of where to prioritize the various skills. Core skills focused on: Accuracy at speed Transitions Entries & exits Shooting on the move […]

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Handgun Skill Standards

Establish a baseline for key practical pistol shooting skills, which can be used to measure skill progression.


Tips for Moving Quickly on a Shooting Stage

Moving quickly is a critical skill for competitive and defensive shooters alike.


Practicing Lateral Movement for Self Defense & Shooting Competitions

The first step towards being able to move and shoot is being able to move, then shoot. Moving then shooting is an incredibly practical skill for self defense and competitive shooting, and it can be easily practiced at home during dry fire or at a shooting bay.


Quick Step

Have the gun up and ready to shoot the moment you enter a new position.

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Don’t Stop Moving

Work on “leave sooner, shoot sooner” so position entries and exits are practically just shooting on the move.


Falling Out

A simple skill isolation drill focusing on position exits.