Locked Back is a website devoted to training. This isn’t like most of the other gun websites that obsess over gear this, gear that. Gear doesn’t make you better. You can’t buy skill. You have to put in the work to earn skill.

Locked Back is all about providing information and tools to make training more effective for firearms enthusiasts of all experience levels.

This Site’s Goals

  1. Show the firearms community there’s more to shooting than standing in a firing lane and shooting the bullseye
  2. Show the firearms community what “good with firearms” actually means.
  3. Provide free and premium educational information and training aids to help all law abiding gun owners become proficient.

I also have a fourth goal I want to add to this website in the future – which is to help shooters get connected with quality firearms instructors. If you’re an instructor and want to help with this goal, check out the Instructor Partnership page.

About Brian Purkiss

I shoot guns. I strive to learn as much as I can. I train hundreds of hours per year. I compete to test my skill against others. I’m a USPSA Carry Optics Grandmaster.

I have trained under many excellent instructors, including World Champion Travis Tomasie, Tim Herron, Scott Jedlinski, Karl Rehn, and more.

I’ll get a “proper” long form bio added here eventually.