Want to Get Better with a Pistol? Here's how.

This website is like an workout app - but for pistol.

Intentional Pistol Training

46 Drills

Run drills to focus in on specific handgun skills in dry fire or live fire.

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13 Drill Sets

Run structured dry fire & live fire training sessions

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3 Training Plans

Run comprehensive training sessions to efficiently work towards your goals.

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Getting Started with Training

How to Train to Maximize Results

Train with structure and intentionality in order to improve shooting skills quickly and efficiently.

How to Set up a Dry Fire Dojo

Set up a training environment for dry fire at home.

How to Dry Fire Practice & Why it is Important

Dry fire is the something every shooter should be doing to obtain proficiency with firearms.

Focus on Core Skills

Draw from Holster

The ability to get a gun out of the holster and onto target quickly, efficiently, and accurately is critical for any defensive gun owner.

How to Achieve the Sub Second Draw from a Holster

Accuracy at Speed

In practical pistol shooting it is critical to be as accurate as possible as quickly as possible. One without the other is worthless.


Transitions are a critical practical pistol shooting skill for engaging multiple targets, and it even helps with engaging moving targets.

How to Transition a Pistol Between Targets

Shooting on the Move

Practical pistol shooting is not static shooting. The ability to shoot on the move in a dynamic environment is a key skill.

Position Entries

Shooting on the move is great, but it has limitations. Sometimes we have to get stationary in a hurry to take shots. The sooner we're set up, the sooner we shoot.

Position Exits

Practical pistol shooting often starts from a dead still and takes off in a hurry. The ability to get out of position and on the move can make a huge difference.

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Studying my Dragon’s Cup and reviewing identifying opportunities for me to move.


Gotta Go Fast to Get Fast

Pushing speed beyond what is comfortable is the fastest way to get faster.

Subconscious Competence and Competition vs Tactics

The debate between competition and tactical shooting continues to rage – but it really shouldn’t be a debate at all.

How to Achieve the Sub Second Draw from a Holster

Retrieve a handgun from a holster efficiently & consistently, then present the sights on target with sufficient precision for the area of acceptable accuracy.