Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

How to Achieve the Sub Second Draw from a Holster

Retrieve a handgun from a holster efficiently & consistently, then present the sights on target with sufficient precision for the area of acceptable accuracy.

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New to Shooting Competitions

Drill Set Time: 15/30/45 minutes

A drill set designed for new competitors to get used to key safety skills for the sport

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CCW Foundations

Work to boost handgun proficiency for the skills most critical for conceal carriers.

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Speed Up the CCW Draw

Drill Set Time: 15/30/45 minutes

Sharpen the all important defensive handgun skill of drawing from the holster and getting shots on target as soon as possible.

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Universal Dry Fire Warmup

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

A quick and simple drill set to work on key practical pistol skills, great for a short warmup before a training session.

CCW Claw Draw to Avoid Catching on Cover Garments

Improve the CCW draw stroke consistency with a minor change to the draw stroke.

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Quick CCW Tune Up

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

A quick drill set to keep the conceal carry draw stroke consistent.

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Handgun Skill Standards

Establish a baseline for key practical pistol shooting skills, which can be used to measure skill progression.

How to Draw a Pistol from a Holster with Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek is a living legend. He holds a number of world records and countless shooting titles. In other words, he really knows what he’s talking about. In this video he goes over how to safely, and quickly draw a handgun from a holster.

The Pros and Cons of Appendix Carry & Hip Carry

How people conceal carry pistols is very much a personal choice. There is no one size fits all scenario – it depends on a conceal carrier’s gun choice, wardrobe choice, skill with firearms, and build. Mat Best reviews two popular forms of conceal carry and the pros and cons of each.

Guy Almost Shoots Hand Off During Training

The rules of firearm safety exist for a reason. The slight wrong twitch of a finger, the slight failure of a mechanical part, the lack of attention at the wrong moment – all can result in serious injury or death.


Moving Draw

Practice drawing the gun like it was a defensive encounter – on the move!

Drop the Phone

Practice clearing your hands while drawing your pistol.

Cold Start CCW Draw

Measure your true CCW draw speed with a cold start draw.


Simple Draw

A quick and simple drill focused on drawing the gun from the holster.


One Handed Draw

Be ready and able to draw a handgun one handed incase the support hand can’t assist.


4 Aces

Draw, two shots, reload, two shots – simple and straight forward.