Drill Sets

Structured dry fire & handgun drill sets.

Random Set Favorites

Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

Reload Quickly

Drill Set Time: 15/30/45 minutes

Work to boost reload speeds, standing or moving reloads.

How to Quickly Reload a Handgun

Reloads are quite simple when broken down into a few steps. Anyone can reload a handgun quickly with proper technique and practice.

How to Reload a Semi Automatic Pistol

Being able to quickly and efficiently reload a pistol is a handy still to have, even though it is rarely used in self defense situations.

Burkett Reload

A reload focused micro drill – great for supplementing other reload drills.


El Presidente / El Prez

Turn and draw, clear array, reload, clear array.

Quick Reload

Work to reload on the move so fast it takes just a few steps to be ready to shoot again.


4 Aces

Draw, two shots, reload, two shots – simple and straight forward.