Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

Subconscious Competence and Competition vs Tactics

The debate between competition and tactical shooting continues to rage – but it really shouldn’t be a debate at all.

CCW Skill: Verbal Jiu Jitsu

Win the fight by avoiding the fight before it even happens.

Not Everyone Should Conceal Carry – Train, or Don’t Carry

If you aren’t trained AND aware of your surroundings, you shouldn’t carry a firearm.

What is the “Counter Ambush” and How to Take Advantage of It

A counter ambush is a well timed attack on a criminal who has already initiated an altercation – a well timed counter ambush could mean the difference between life and death.

10 Lessons Learned from 212+ Hours of Firearms Training in 2018

Deliberate practice is the key to improving – here are some of my lessons learns and tips for becoming a better shooter, lessons learned from over 212 of training in 2018.

The 3 Components of Surviving a Gunfight – Proficiency, Tactics, & Luck

While we hope we never have to apply these skills, it’s best to understand what goes into a gunfight so we can better prepare ourselves.

Self Defense Reduces Crime, Firearms are the Best Tool for Self Defense

5 out of 6 people will be victims of violent crimes during their lives. Do you want to cross your fingers and hope nothing goes wrong?

Class Review: KR Training Defensive Pistol Classes

If you’re looking for handgun firearms instruction, look no further than KR Training.

A Bad 911 Call Can Send Lawful Self Defenders to Prison

Anything can and will be used against you in a court of law. How you communicate to law enforcement could put you in jail or keep you out.

7 Lessons Learned from Studying Real Self Defense Encounters

Gunfights and other self-defense encounters are fast and brutal. They require emotional strength and sharp skills.

Self Defense with a Handgun in a Vehicle

Transitional spaces have a higher likelihood of needing to defend yourself – vehicles are such spaces.

Why Firearm Capacity is Very Important for Self Defense

No one has ever said after a gunfight, “I wish I had less ammo.

Autumn Parkin, a Violent Crime Victim, Feels Empowered After Learning to Use Firearms

“I can honestly say, it wasn’t until I started shooting that I actually started to heal. Because I got some of that power back.”

Gun Cleaning & Maintenance for an EDC Handgun

EDC handguns often don’t see much range time or cleaning. Despite limited range time, EDC handguns can get dirty even when not fired.

Woman Purse Carries – Gets Purse & Gun Stolen

Purse carry is a bad idea. In a purse snatching incident, the victim can’t get to their gun nor can they give up the bag with the gun in it.

Lessons from Jared Reston’s Gunfight – Shot 7 Times & Still Won

The story from a police officer who was shot 7 times, returned fire, and won the gun fight.

6 Tips for Safe & Practical Conceal Carry

Here’s some quick tips for new and experienced conceal carriers to safely and effectively carry a firearm for personal protection.

You Can’t Rely on Others to Help & Can’t Always Run Away from an Attacker

This man was stabbed to death over a $3 haircut and no one would help him.

The 2x2x2 Drill – An Excellent Drill for Self Defenders

Self defenders should strive to obtain proficiency with the 2x2x2 drill to demonstrate speed and accuracy, both of which are important for a real life self defense encounter.

Tasers Aren’t a Guarantee to Stop an Attacker

Tasers are not magical defense tools that can stop criminals in every situation.

How to Use a Weapon Mounted Light on a Handgun

It is dark for a significant portion of the day. A light of some kind is critical for conceal carriers to verify and engage a threat.

Self Defense Firearms Not On Your Body Are Worthless

Never underestimate a knife attack – the consequences can be deadly.

Pepper Spray vs Wasp Spray as a Self Defense Tool

Every once in a while I hear the rumor that wasp spray is great for self defense as a pepper spray alternative. This is false and this rumor needs to stop.

Compliance Does Not Guarantee Safety – Why We Carry

By definition, criminals do not obey laws. They are breaking the law by committing an armed robbery. So the question is, do you trust the armed criminal in front of you to only take your stuff?

If You Carry, You Must Be Willing to Shoot or the Consequences Could be Deadly

A firearm is not a magical defense tool. While many criminals run away at the mere sight of a firearm in the hands of a self defender, not all criminals do. If you draw your firearm, you MUST be willing to pull the trigger.

The Pros and Cons of Appendix Carry & Hip Carry

How people conceal carry pistols is very much a personal choice. There is no one size fits all scenario – it depends on a conceal carrier’s gun choice, wardrobe choice, skill with firearms, and build. Mat Best reviews two popular forms of conceal carry and the pros and cons of each.

Why Would Someone Be Dumb Enough to Rob a Gun Shop?

Anyone here think it is a good idea to rob a gun shop? No? Well, you’re already smarter than this guy. The shop owner expertly defended himself and his employees, and there’s plenty of lessons we can learn from his actions.

How to Watch for and Defend Against Sucker Punches

These guys are bouncers by trade, and see more scuffles than most anyone else outside of law enforcement. These guys know what to look for, because they encounter it on a nightly basis. When someone with that much experience start giving suggestions, it’s a good idea to take notice – it could save you from getting sucker punched.

Clerk Grabs Gun From Armed Robber – Wait for Your Counter Ambush

This is definitely one worth watching as it provides a real good laugh. When attacked, wait for your opportunity to turn the tables, and when it presents itself, take it.