You Can’t Rely on Others to Help & Can’t Always Run Away from an Attacker

This man was stabbed to death over a $3 haircut and no one would help him.

You Can’t Rely on Others to Help & Can’t Always Run Away from an Attacker Pistol Drill

The real world is very harsh and unforgiving. As much as we wish the world was a utopia and evil people were brought to justice, that isn’t always the case – especially in the moment. You don’t have to be in a bad part of town or engaged in criminal activity for bad things to happen to you. This citizen was attacked because he gave a bad $3 haircut.

This poor barber tried to run, he tried to comply, and he tried to get help.

He couldn’t run away, compliance didn’t help him, and bystanders wouldn’t help.

It is a very harsh reality that bad things happen to people who don’t deserve it. Even if the attacker faces justice in the future, it doesn’t help the person getting stabbed in the moment.

The only person responsible for your safety is you

If you can even get to your phone, which you can’t always get to your phone. The police could be 7 to 15 minutes away, or even farther away depending on where you are. Do not count on the police to arrive in time to help you. Nor should bystanders be relied upon – most people don’t have the tools, training, or selflessness to get involved in a dispute between other people. You’re completely on your own out in the real world.

Have the tools and skills to defend yourself

Since no one will protect you, it is important to be able to protect yourself from attackers. A firearm is a fantastic tool to be able to protect yourself from an aggressor, but it is not a magical wand and it is pointless without the proper training.

  1. Carry a firearm in a quickly accessible way, such as on your belt.
  2. Have a firearm sufficient to stop a threat. .22lr is not a good self defense round – stick with centerfire calibers such as 9mm, with hollowpoint self defense rounds.
  3. Have the skills to use the firearm – take a class and practice with your firearm regularly.

Having the tools and skills to defend yourself could save your life.

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