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Holsters for Small Conceal Carry Pistols

While a good holster, belt, and wardrobe choice makes carrying a full size pistol easy and comfortable, not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of dealing with an extra pound and a half to two pounds on their hip. Thankfully, there are many small pistols with a variety of discrete carrying options available.

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The Pros and Cons of Appendix Carry & Hip Carry

How people conceal carry pistols is very much a personal choice. There is no one size fits all scenario – it depends on a conceal carrier’s gun choice, wardrobe choice, skill with firearms, and build. Mat Best reviews two popular forms of conceal carry and the pros and cons of each.

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How to Watch for and Defend Against Sucker Punches

These guys are bouncers by trade, and see more scuffles than most anyone else outside of law enforcement. These guys know what to look for, because they encounter it on a nightly basis. When someone with that much experience start giving suggestions, it’s a good idea to take notice – it could save you from getting sucker punched.

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