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Level Up Handgun Training

Lessons Learned from Dragon’s Cup with 3+ Hours of Video Analysis

Studying my Dragon’s Cup and reviewing identifying opportunities for me to move.


Gotta Go Fast to Get Fast

Pushing speed beyond what is comfortable is the fastest way to get faster.

Subconscious Competence and Competition vs Tactics

The debate between competition and tactical shooting continues to rage – but it really shouldn’t be a debate at all.

How to Achieve the Sub Second Draw from a Holster

Retrieve a handgun from a holster efficiently & consistently, then present the sights on target with sufficient precision for the area of acceptable accuracy.

How to Transition a Pistol Between Targets

Transitions are a valuable skill in of themselves, but the foundations provided by transitions also aid many other key skills.

How to Modify Drills to Push Skill

Intentional modification of live fire and dry fire drills can help enhance improvement of specific skills.

How to Train to Maximize Results

Train with structure and intentionality in order to improve shooting skills quickly and efficiently.

How to Set up a Dry Fire Dojo

Set up a training environment for dry fire at home.

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Preventing Surprise Misses

Rushing the trigger pull exact moment the sights are “perfect” creates surprise misses – but it is easily avoidable

CCW Skill: Verbal Jiu Jitsu

Win the fight by avoiding the fight before it even happens.

CCW Claw Draw to Avoid Catching on Cover Garments

Improve the CCW draw stroke consistency with a minor change to the draw stroke.

Increasing Myelin Production to Maximize Training Efficiency

We all like shortcuts, right? Buying gear isn’t a shortcut, but increasing Myelin production might be the closest thing to a shooting skill shortcut we can get – as long as it is paired with efficient training.


Lessons from Shooting with My Eyes Closed

There are some interesting lessons to be learned from shooting and/or training with your eyes closed.

Responsible for Every Round Fired – Police Shooting After Action Report

The 2nd Amendment is a right – but it is also a responsibility.

Passing the Texas LTC Test With My Eyes Closed

Ever thought, “That’s so easy I could do it with my eyes closed.” I thought that about the Texas LTC test – so I passed the test with my eyes closed.

Class Review: Practical Performance Handgun Class by Tim Herron

Tim Herron’s Practical Performance Handgun Class is well worth taking for competitive and self defense shooters alike.  I had been looking forward to this class for some time, so I had goals and expectations going into the class – and all of them were met.  However, the key thing to understand that the most important […]

Not Everyone Should Conceal Carry – Train, or Don’t Carry

If you aren’t trained AND aware of your surroundings, you shouldn’t carry a firearm.

What is the “Counter Ambush” and How to Take Advantage of It

A counter ambush is a well timed attack on a criminal who has already initiated an altercation – a well timed counter ambush could mean the difference between life and death.

Taking an Anti to the Range – Best Way to Evangelize for the 2nd Amendment

One of the best way to convert an anti-gunner into a pro-gunner is to take them to the range. It’s also a great way to grow the firearms community!

10 Lessons Learned from 212+ Hours of Firearms Training in 2018

Deliberate practice is the key to improving – here are some of my lessons learns and tips for becoming a better shooter, lessons learned from over 212 of training in 2018.

Jerry Miculek is Used as an Example in the FPC Lawsuit Against the Bump Stock Ban

Bump stocks are stupid, but a bump stock ban is even more stupid.

Jerry Miculek’s Tips for Training at an Indoor Range

Training in a single target firing line isn’t as fun, but it’s better than nothing.

Body Cam Footage Illustrates the Importance of Handgun Magazine Capacity

No one survived a gunfight and wished they had less ammo in their gun.

The 3 Components of Surviving a Gunfight – Proficiency, Tactics, & Luck

While we hope we never have to apply these skills, it’s best to understand what goes into a gunfight so we can better prepare ourselves.

How to Shoot a Texas Star

The key to shooting the Texas Star is a combination of speed, accuracy, and the correct order.

Tips for Range Safety Officers at Shooting Competitions

The RSO/RO/SO has a multifaceted job – they’re there to enforce the event’s rules, but most importantly, they’re there to keep everyone safe.

Self Defense Reduces Crime, Firearms are the Best Tool for Self Defense

5 out of 6 people will be victims of violent crimes during their lives. Do you want to cross your fingers and hope nothing goes wrong?

‘I’ll Come to a Match When I Get Better” – Competitions are HOW to Get Better

Stop making excuses and come to a local club shooting match – they’re a great way to get better.

Class Review: KR Training Defensive Pistol Classes

If you’re looking for handgun firearms instruction, look no further than KR Training.