Criss Cross

Improve throttle control on target transitions.

What is the Criss Cross Drill?

Criss Cross is a well rounded drill reminiscent of El Presidente. However, this drill challenges shooters with throttle control by alternating between the target body and headbox.

It can be a nice way to work a distance changeup style drill, but it’s simpler to set up and requires less space.

The pattern of body, head, body and then head, body, head requires shooters to pay attention closely to their sights and shoot as fast as they can see their sights on target. If you shoot the same cadence for all shots you’ll either shoot way too slow or you’ll shoot too fast and miss the headboxes.

The alternating between head and body makes Criss Cross a great drill for live fire as each scoring zone can be easily scored without any wondering of which shot was with which pass.

Sean Burrows demos the Criss Cross drill
How to Setup

Drill Setup

  • 3 Targets at 10 yards, 1 yard between targets
  • Start position: gun loaded and holstered, wrists below belt
  • 12 shots required
How to Dry Fire

Drill Steps

  1. At the beep, draw and engage the three targets – shooting body, head, body
  2. Reload
  3. Engage the three targets – shooting head, body, head.

At the end of the drill, each target should have two hits on the body and two hits on the head.

A sporty time is completion within 6 seconds.

How to Mod

Drill Modifications

  • Draw to the headbox and reload to the body.
  • Move the middle target further away to make it similar to the Distance Changeup drill.
  • Add in short movement. Start directly in front of the left or right target and move to the opposite side during the reload.

Drill Tips

Criss Cross is like a blend of El Presidente and Distance Change up. It requires a blend of pushing speed on the body targets and reigning in for precision on the headbox targets. Both have the importance of seeing your sights and only pulling the trigger when the sights are on target. Don’t pull the trigger if you don’t see your sights on target.

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Drill Diagnostics

If you are fumbling the reload or missing the reload, make sure you quickly look down at the magwell. A super quick glance down will greatly improve the accuracy of the mag insertion – therefore improving the speed and consistency of the reload.

Drill Author

Ben Stoeger

Ben Stoeger is an IPSC World Champion and multiple time USPSA National Champion. He travels all over the United States and the world shooting matches and teaching classes

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Drill Environment

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