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Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

Subconscious Competence and Competition vs Tactics

The debate between competition and tactical shooting continues to rage – but it really shouldn’t be a debate at all.

Class Review: Practical Performance Handgun Class by Tim Herron

Tim Herron’s Practical Performance Handgun Class is well worth taking for competitive and self defense shooters alike.  I had been looking forward to this class for some time, so I had goals and expectations going into the class – and all of them were met.  However, the key thing to understand that the most important […]

10 Lessons Learned from 212+ Hours of Firearms Training in 2018

Deliberate practice is the key to improving – here are some of my lessons learns and tips for becoming a better shooter, lessons learned from over 212 of training in 2018.

Tips for Range Safety Officers at Shooting Competitions

The RSO/RO/SO has a multifaceted job – they’re there to enforce the event’s rules, but most importantly, they’re there to keep everyone safe.

‘I’ll Come to a Match When I Get Better” – Competitions are HOW to Get Better

Stop making excuses and come to a local club shooting match – they’re a great way to get better.


Tips for Moving Quickly on a Shooting Stage

Moving quickly is a critical skill for competitive and defensive shooters alike.