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Proper Handgun Trigger Control for Speed and Accuracy

While there are many factors in ensuring your pistol is accurately pointing at the target and stays on target, trigger control is arguably the most difficult single element of shooting accurately. So naturally, practicing proper trigger control is one of the best things you can train to improve your shooting skills.

Aaron from SageDynamics gives us another long and very in depth overview of all of the elements going into a proper pistol trigger pull.

Before working on proper trigger control, make sure you have a proper grip on your pistol.

Proper Handgun Trigger Control for Speed and Accuracy

Dry fire training

There are many excellent dry fire drills that allow shooters to practice their technique from home without the cost of a range trip and live ammo. Using snap caps is a good idea to preserve the lifespan of your firearm.

Using a tool like a LaserLyte training round allows shooters to see their accuracy on the wall. But since the laser training round stays lit for a brief second, if you are jerking the trigger, the laser will bounce across the wall. This makes it, in my opinion, the most valuable training tool you can own for practicing trigger control. While it does have a seemingly hefty price tag, just compare the cost of the training round to the cost of ammo.

Another challenging dry fire training tool is to put a penny on your pistol’s front sight. If you can pull the trigger without dropping the penny, you’ve got an excellent trigger pull.

Rifle trigger control

Looking to improve trigger control on a rifle? Check out this video on rifle trigger control.

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