What to Do When Stopped By Police & Carrying a Firearm

Everyone wants to go home safely during a police encounter. Follow these quick tips and everyone can.

What to Do When Stopped By Police & Carrying a Firearm Pistol Drill

When interacting with police officers while legally conceal carrying a firearm, it is critical to understand their perspective. They do not know you from Adam. They do not know if you are a law-abiding citizen and do not know if you are a violent felon fleeing the law. Citizens and police officers need mutual respect for each other. If the police officer does not show you any respect, that doesn’t justify you stooping to that level.

Maintain a level tone of voice, speak clearly, don’t make fast movements, and comply with the police officer.

Know local laws

Some states have a duty to inform police officers about a conceal carry handgun. Some states have a duty to inform police officers only under certain circumstances. Other states don’t have a duty to inform at all. Whether you believe you should inform a police officer about your conceal carry handgun or not, it is critical to know your local laws.

Find info on your state’s laws

Don’t say the word “gun”

On the side of a highway, things get loud. If a police officer doesn’t hear everything you say and only hears the word “gun” – they could get jumpy and things could get real bad real quick.

The best thing to do is simply hand the police officer your conceal carry permit along with your driver’s license, that way he knows right off the bat you are legally allowed to carry.

Never reach for the gun

Don’t ever ever reach for the firearm – don’t even reach towards the firearm. That should be a no-brainer, but things can go bad very quickly. I’m going to say it again, this police officer doesn’t know you and doesn’t know if you are an upstanding citizen or someone fleeing the law.

I strongly recommend putting your wallet on the opposite side of your body from your conceal carry gun. That way you can obtain your license without reaching towards the firearm.

Always comply with the police officer

If the police officer decides to disarm you and put you in handcuffs, on the side of the highway is not the place to argue with him – even if you believe it is unjust. Arguments like that can only escalate and go bad from there.

If you believe the officer does not have just cause to disarm you, the place to argue that is in court – not on the side of the highway.

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