Gun Ownership is on the Rise – 44% of Households Own a Gun

The major media wouldn’t dare talk about this since it goes against their anti-gun narrative, but gun ownership is on the rise. And by on the rise, I mean skyrocketing. This August was another record breaking gun sales month – another record breaking month for 15 months in a row. Not only that, but last Black Friday Americans bought enough guns to create a new military branch. It doesn’t stop there! The average guns per household has risen to 8.1 guns, about double what it used to be in 1994.

Average Guns Per Household in the US

All of those records brings America to an average of 44% of households owning a gun according to a study from Pew Research.

PEW Research Poll Results on Gun Ownership

Turns out President Obama is the best gun salesman out there!

We’re Winning the War for Gun Rights

When President Obama took office, gun owners across America feared that the 2nd Amendment was going to die a death of a thousand paper cuts. While there have been setbacks for gun rights, especially in states like California and New York, the war is far from over. Not only is it far from over, but I believe we are winning.

Gun owners have been diligently calling out the anti-gunners’ lies at every turn. Americans are realizing that an inanimate object cannot be good or bad, it is the person who uses it. Violence exists no matter what objects are in our possession.

Do Your Part

Now it is more important than ever to do your part to help fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights. Get out and vote, take someone to the range for the first time, discuss responsible gun ownership with your friends, family, and co-workers.

America can and will recover our gun rights.

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