World Record 600lbs Binary Explosive Detonation

Have you blown anything up at this scale?

Binary X, Tannerite, and Sonic Boom Targets are explosives available to the every day citizen. While they don’t hold a candle to military grade explosives, or even some other homemade explosives, Binary explosives can make for a very fun afternoon.

Binary explosives are a combination of ammonium nitrate and/or ammonium perchlorate mixed with aluminum powder. These are commonly available substances that can be obtained through the cleaning chemicals under your sink, which is why the ATF hasn’t banned them. Separately, ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder are very safe – it is only when they are combined that they become explosive. But even then, they are very safe to handle even when combined. In order to set off a binary explosive, it must be hit by a high velocity object, such as a bullet. This makes binary explosives quite popular amongst firearms enthusiasts and outdoorsmen.

Without further ado… a world record explosion.

Please, do not try this. Explosives can be extremely dangerous when mishandled, and are still dangerous even when handled properly. If you buy Tannerite or similar products, read and abide by the safety guidelines or else you could literally blow your leg off.

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