Women Hope to Have as Many Rights as Guns. Wait… What?

Firearms have many restrictions placed on them, yet there aren’t any similar restrictions placed on women. So what’s the deal?

The day after President Trump’s inauguration, a Woman’s March on Washington took place in Washington D.C. and across the United States to protest President Trump’s new office. At these protests, there were various signs saying things like, “I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.” or “If my vagina shot bullets it would have fewer regulations than guns.” This particular aspect of the Women’s March protest confuses me greatly, as guns have a great deal many regulations and restrictions placed on them, while women have the same rights as men.

I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.

“I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.” A sign from the Women’s March.

So let’s take a look at some of the restrictions that are placed on guns and see if these women still want to live under the same regulations as firearms.

  1. Must have a background check acquired to buy one. In some states, in addition to the background check, you must apply for a license, pay a fee, pay an increased tax, be put on a list, and be tracked just for owning one.
  2. A license with fee is required for one to be out in public.
  3. Banned from polling places on the day of an election.
  4. Banned from entering many buildings, like courthouses, schools, and colleges.
  5. Banned from federal buildings.
  6. Banned from Washington D.C.
  7. Banned from certain businesses at the owner’s discretion.
  8. Locked up when not in use (in some states)
  9. Not allowed behind security in an airport or in the passenger cabin of an airplane.
  10. Certain features to not be allowed because they are deemed to be too scary.
  11. Can’t be too short without paying the government a $200 fee, registering the item, waiting 6-12 months for approval, telling the government where the item is at all times, telling the government when the item moves, and keeping paperwork with you whenever the item is out in public. If an item is too short without the government’s permission, there’s a minimum felony and 5 years in prison.
  12. Can’t have noise reduction devices without paying the same $200 fee and abiding by the same restrictions.
  13. In certain states, is only allowed if on an approved list of models.
  14. Cannot be sold across state lines without going through the government.

I’m sure I’m missing more regulations and restrictions that are placed on guns, but this is sufficient to make my point. Guns are heavily regulated and restricted, and many people want to regulate and restrict them even more.

Women on the other hand have the exact same rights as men. Yes, there are inequality issues in America, but every sex, race, religion, and orientation all face their own brand of discrimination. But that is very much a social issue, not a legal issue.

Personally, I wish guns had the exact same rights as women.

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