More Ways to Ignore the ATF from SB Tactical – New Pistol Braces

Looking to get a pistol but prefer the looks of a rifle? SB Tactical has you covered.

The history of the “pistol brace” is a bit of a roller coaster. While technically legal, they do have some odd stipulations with them. At the time of this writing, they are legal to own and use, but a pistol brace cannot be braced against the shoulder and used as if the user was firing a rifle. These AR-15 and AR variant “pistols” also cannot have things like a vertical foregrip, but can’ have a hand stop or angled foregrip. It really is quite the mess – and there’s always the risk of the ATF flipping the switch and making them legal. All that being said, the ATF under the current administration is looking pro-gun and may revert back on the whole brace issues. In short, use these braces at your own risk.

Edit: Under the current ATF rulings (as of late 2017), it is legal to shoulder a “pistol brace.”

SB Tactical has come out with another batch of pistol braces.

Available for:

  • Scorpion Evo
  • AR-15 firearms
  • IWI Galil
  • MP5 style firearms
  • AK firearms
  • Sig Sauer MPX
  • B&T APC
  • UZI
  • Kriss Vector
  • More coming soon

What is a pistol brace?

Pistol braces are designed to be put on firearms that were originally designed as rifles, but have been rebuilt to be classified as pistols. These pistol braces were originally built for people to brace the stock to the shooter’s arm, allowing people with disabilities to continue to participate in shooting sports.

Just remember, under the current regulations – putting the pistol brace up against your shoulder causes the firearm to be re-classified as an SBR, which is illegal without filing the NFA paperwork.

Edit: Under the current ATF rulings (as of late 2017), it is legal to shoulder a “pistol brace.”

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