What the “Two Way Range” is Actually Like

Some combat veterans provide some insight as to what the "two way range" is actually like.

What the “Two Way Range” is Actually Like Pistol Drill

“No matter what you have in your head, especially if you’ve never been been in combat, about what it’s like to be in a firefight and what it’s like to be in a particular scenario, you have no idea what you are talking about. Like, if you have any preconceived notion, or ‘oh my buddy from special forces told me this’ or ‘my buddy who was a Navy Seal told me that,’ that doesn’t mean anything to me. It doesn’t mean anything to veterans who have been in combat. It means absolutely nothing. You might as well have been telling me you were playing call of duty.”

Anyone who pretends to truly understand what combat is like and hasn’t been there should just be disregarded. For those of us who have never been in combat, we can never fully comprehend what it was like. All we can do is listen to the experiences of those who have been in combat and gain a fraction of an understanding.

Miles from TFB TV talks about his experiences on “the two way range” to give us non-combat veterans a glimpse into what combat is like.

Warning, language.

One of my personal takeaways from the first video is their emphasis on combat experiences varying greatly depending on the region. The hardships and techniques used by a unit in the deserts of Afghanistan were very different than a unit invading Iraq.

You can laugh or you can cry, it makes a lot more sense to laugh.

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