Torture Test: Beretta APX Handgun

The Beretta APX faces the MAC Gauntlet Torture Test.

Beretta is most well known for their M9 series of pistols, used by the US Military since 1958. As the M9 ages, Beretta has been expanding their pistol lines, and their latest is the Beretta APX striker fire handgun.

The Military Arms Channel gives us a torture test for the Beretta APX, allowing us to compare it to the many other pistols that have gone through the MAC Gauntlet.

The Beretta APX made it through the first run through the MAC Gauntlet with zero issues, which is quite good and better than most other firearms that have gone through the test. It really struggled with the second round of testing – while most firearms struggle with the second test, the APX really struggled, but did not encounter a complete failure.

Very interestingly, the slide serrations of the APX are quite poor when compared to other pistols. If your hands get quite sweaty, shooters might have issues working the slide.

About the Beretta APX

Beretta says their APX pistol “truly is the ultimate striker fired pistol from Beretta.” The Beretta APX features three interchangeable grip back straps, ambidextrous slide stop, reversible magazine release, and availability in 9mm and .40cal.

Beretta APX Specifications

  • Caliber: 9mm / .40cal
  • Capacity: 17+1 for 9mm / 15+1 for .40cal
  • Action: Striker Fire
  • Barrel Length: 4.25 in or 108 mm
  • Overall Height: 5.6 in or 142 mm
  • Width: 1.3 in or 33 mm
  • Overall Length: 7.55 in or 192 mm
  • Unloaded Weight: 28.2 oz or 1.765 lbs for the 9mm / 28.92 oz or 5.75 lbs for the .40cal
  • MSRP: $575.00 for 9mm and .40cal

Have you tried the Beretta APX? What did you think?

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