Top 5 Milsurp Firearms to “Invest” In

Invest in firearms? Yes please!

Remember when Mosin Nagants were worth under a $100 not too long ago? And now the good condition ones are going for $300? Let’s take a look at some of Iraqveteran8888’s currently recommended “milsurp” investments.

What makes for a valuable collectible rifle?

It’s quite simple – the complexity of the firearm, condition of the firearm, historical significance of the firearm, variant of the firearm, and availability of the firearm.

A semi-auto rifle is worth more than a bolt action, a rifle in good condition is worth more than a battered one, a firearm that played a notable place in history is worth more than an obscure one that no one cares about, some higher quality or rarer variants is worth more than a cheap readily available firearm, and a firearm that is rare is worth more than a firearm that is readily available. Finally, firearms with all matching serial numbers are worth more than mismatching firearms.

Since Iraqveteran8888 has been on YouTube for so long, he just so happens to have videos on all of these firearms. If you’re interested in investing in these firearms, his channel is a great place to get started learning about them.

1: SKS

2: Dutch Beaumont

3: Finnish M39

3: Swiss K31 Service Rifle

4: Martini Henry

Honorable mention: Makarov pistol

Where are these firearms found?

Websites such as GunWatcher, Aarmslist, GunBroker are great places to start. Some of the commonly available or less expensive firearms can be easily found there. For more obscure or expensive firearms, auction houses such as Rock Island Auction and James Julia can find some really expensive fantastic firearms.

Which firearm do you want to invest in?

But who are we kidding, these “investments” will never be sold… right? But hey, the “investment” sales pitch makes for a great way to justify buying a new firearm.

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