Firearm Torture Test

Glock 19 vs 1911 Mud Test

InRangeTV puts out many excellent videos, and their Mud Test series is fascinating. The AK-47 vs AR-15 mud test certainly rustled some jimmies, and the Glock 19 vs 1911 mud test likely will too.

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AK-47 vs AR-15 Mud Test

InRangeTV takes a look at the iconic AK-47 and AR-15, putting them head to head in a reliability test. While this mud test will by no means be the end all statement in the AK-47 vs AR-15 debate, it certainly will rustle some jimmies and provide some interesting, and potentially unexpected, results.

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Torture Test: Glock 17 Gen 4

The Glock’s reputation is one of reliability. The Glock tagline is “perfection.” No one in their right mind would doubt the many merits of a Glock pistol. How does it stand up to a torture test?

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H&K VP9 Reliability Test

About a year ago, the Military Arms Channel put his conceal carry pistol, the H&K VP9, through a pretty brutal torture test. Unfortunately, the H&K VP9 did not perform very well in this test, causing a lot of controversy around the torture test itself and the pistol. Despite being an accurate shooter, the H&K VP9 […]

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Piston AR-15 Meltdown Test

This video from Iraqveteran8888 shows a torture test of a Patriot Ordnance Factory P416 gas piston AR-15. They put it through the ringer and fired approximately 2,500 rounds through it and it still did not fail.

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Torture tests on firearms are excellent ways for us to gauge the quality and reliability of a firearm. These test can be done a number of ways – from shooting a firearm until it dies, or putting one through a series of tests to see how it compares to other firearms.