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How to Shoot a Rifle from Improvised Positions

Shooting off of a benchrest is great for sighting in your rifle or teaching new shooters. But out in the field, be it hunting, shooting competition, or even combat – there isn’t a nice firing line with a comfortable and stable shooting bench. These type of shooting conditions is often called shooting from an “improvised position” and it is a very important skill for practical rifle shooting.

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The Basics of Shooting from Barricades – the Army Way

The thing about the real world is there are no shooting benches. There are no chairs setup at the perfect height. In the real world, be it a shooting competition, military, police, hunting, or self defense – you usually have to shoot from improvised positions. Knowing how to best use your cover/support is a very good way to quickly get accurate shots on target.

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Proper Rifle Trigger Control for Speed and Accuracy

Proper shooting technique involves many different factors that all build on each other. Having good trigger control doesn’t make a difference if you have an improper grip. This is why it’s important in our training to focus on each link in the chain individually to ensure there are no weak links when all of these different skills are put together.

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Special Forces Talk About Speed & Accuracy

If you’re active in the firearm’s focused social media scene, you’ve no doubt seen videos of people shooting crazy fast, be it a super fast draw from concealment, fast double tap, or a lightning fast reload. If you’re like me, you want to go to the range and train train train to get those same […]

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