Davinci Arms Bambino 22 Suppressor Review

22 Suppressors are excellent safety tools for plinking around in the backyard. Shooting a suppressed .22lr is very quiet, and a subsonic .22lr suppressed is even quieter. Be it .22lr pistol or .22lr rifle, plinking doesn’t get better than suppressed plinking. The Davinci Arms Bambino 22 Suppressor is an excellent suppressor with fantastic and easy takedown tools for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Ruger Mark IV 22lr Review

Shooting as a hobby can get real expensive real quick. Forget about the cost of firearms themselves, just feeding your firearm collection with ammo ads up quickly. It’s worth every penny, but sometimes it’s better to save money on cheaper ammo than to blast away with match grade ammo all the time. This is where […]

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