The History of the M16

While the adoption of the M16 had plenty of bumps and controversy, not to mention un-refined early adoptions, the forge of warfare has refined and honed the M16 into the “black rifle” known the world over.

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Reenactment of WWII Paratrooper Squad Tactics

TFB TV put together a squad of paratroopers and ran through a Live Fire Maneuver Range as would have been employed by soldiers during World War II. They teamed up with World War II reenactors to ensure accuracy. Definitely a very cool video to watch.

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Blowing Up 100 Tonnes of Ammunition

Due to the… potentially temperamental and dangerous nature of various explosives, safely transporting “military grade” explosives can get expensive and has safety concerns. So rather than deal with the risks and expenses of transporting old ordinance, disposing of it is often the cheaper and safer solution. Besides, we get to see a massive explosion this […]

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