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Holsters for Small Conceal Carry Pistols

While a good holster, belt, and wardrobe choice makes carrying a full size pistol easy and comfortable, not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of dealing with an extra pound and a half to two pounds on their hip. Thankfully, there are many small pistols with a variety of discrete carrying options available.

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How to Disassemble, Clean, Maintain, & Inspect a Glock

We all know that Glocks are very reliable handguns. But that doesn’t mean they still don’t need regular cleaning and maintenance, just like all firearms. All mechanical devices eventually fail due to wear and tear. It is important to regularly inspect your firearms to ensure they are still in good working order.

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Why Gun Control Won’t Fix Inner City Violence

“Gun control is not a solution to inner city violence. It’s a political placebo designed to give the appearance of sympathy, when in their hearts, there’s only apathy.” – Colion Noir Inner city violence is very much a culture issue created by many many factors – none of those culture issues being access to a […]

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The Truth About Carrying A Gun by Colion Noir

Colion Noir knocks it out of the park with his latest video concerning carrying a firearm for self defense. So many people believe carrying a firearm is a form of compensation, or because we’re paranoid of the world. That’s far from true. We simply realize that bad things happen and it is better to be prepared and nothing happen than bad things happen and have no way to handle it.

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Splitting a Playing Card on a Spinning Wheel

22 Plinkster is an excellent YouTube channel devoted almost entirely to trick shots and .22 lr rifles and pistols. This latest trick shot of his is definitely the hardest one he’s done yet. Even though he’s split a playing card many times in many interesting and challenging ways, this takes it to a new level.

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If you Conceal Carry, Get a Gun Belt – Seriously

The primary reason to wear a gun belt lies in its rigidity. A good gun belt will be stiff, preventing your belt and it’s assorted accessories from sagging unevenly. Also, a good gun belt will be more fine tune adjustable than a standard belt. Both of which helps seat your gun at a consistent and snug position.

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