Gun Rights

Call to Action: Oppose the Worst Gun Bill Ever

H.R.3999, or the Bump Stock Ban Bill, is a bill designed to retroactively ban all devices designed to “increase the rate of fire” of a semi-auto rifle. This would ban devices such as “bump stocks,” like the one used by the Las Vegas shooter. In addition to this being a violation of the 2nd Amendment, […]

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First Hand Account of a Four Time Successful Self Defender

This man owned a jewelry store that was robbed not once, but four times, eventually forcing the owner to move locations and turn into an appointment only store. His story is incredible and just goes to show you can’t trust the robber in front of you and being an armed defender is safer than being an unarmed victim.

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Why Gun Control Won’t Fix Inner City Violence

“Gun control is not a solution to inner city violence. It’s a political placebo designed to give the appearance of sympathy, when in their hearts, there’s only apathy.” – Colion Noir Inner city violence is very much a culture issue created by many many factors – none of those culture issues being access to a […]

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Gun rights are an important part of American culture. An armed population is literally how America was founded by rebelling against a tyrannical government.

The 2nd Amendment grants Americans the right to bear arms as a means for defense of life and personal property, defense of country from foreign invasion, and defense of country from a tyrannical government.