Gun Rights

Call to Action: Oppose the Worst Gun Bill Ever

H.R.3999, or the Bump Stock Ban Bill, is a bill designed to retroactively ban all devices designed to “increase the rate of fire” of a semi-auto rifle. This would ban devices such as “bump stocks,” like the one used by the Las Vegas shooter. In addition to this being a violation of the 2nd Amendment, […]

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Why Gun Control Won’t Fix Inner City Violence

“Gun control is not a solution to inner city violence. It’s a political placebo designed to give the appearance of sympathy, when in their hearts, there’s only apathy.” – Colion Noir Inner city violence is very much a culture issue created by many many factors – none of those culture issues being access to a […]

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Gun rights are an important part of American culture. An armed population is literally how America was founded by rebelling against a tyrannical government.

The 2nd Amendment grants Americans the right to bear arms as a means for defense of life and personal property, defense of country from foreign invasion, and defense of country from a tyrannical government.