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5 Negligent Discharges & How to Avoid Them

Many of the activities we participate in are inherently dangerous. From driving a vehicle on a highway to riding a bicycle to participating in shooting sports. All of these activities are dangerous, which is why we have safety rules to abide by. Follow these safety rules and all of these activities can be done safely. […]

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Why it is a Bad Idea to Buy Cheap AR-15s

Cheap products cut corners in order to achieve that price point, while more expensive products tend to be higher quality. The most inexpensive products available tend to break faster and operate less efficiently. This is very problematic when it comes to firearms – a broken firearm can cause serious injury or death.

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The 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

Firearms are excellent tools and can be downright fun when used safely. However, these tools can also be very dangerous and even fatal. That is why it is very important to not become complacent and to always obey the rules of firearm safety. Failure to abide by these rules can have serious, or even deadly, […]

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