Every Day Carry (EDC)

Top 10 EDC Flashlights

A flashlight is a very useful every day carry (EDC) tool for general use in the dark as well as self defense. For conceal carriers, identifying a threat is just as important as hitting the threat, and a flashlight helps you do both. Furthermore, a bright flashlight can blind and disorient an attacker, giving defenders more time to assess and react to the threat.

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Mat Best’s 5 Top Concealed Carry Pistols

Mat Best is a popular YouTuber known for videos like How to Be Tacticool and his latest endeavor, Black Rifle Coffee is taking off. His videos tend to be over the top style humor, which is exactly why they’re awesome. Mat Best weighs in on the conceal carry pistol selection debate with his top five […]

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First Aid Kit Essential Equipment

A basic first aid kit is a very useful item to keep in your range bag, vehicle, home, or EDC bag. I bought an assortment of small first aid bags and have them stashed in all of those places. Just like a conceal carry pistol, it’s better to have a first aid kit and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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