Review: CMMG 9mm GUARD – An AR-15 Shooting 9mm

Pistol Caliber Carbines are on the rise once again. Their popularity has faded in recent years, but they are making a very strong return, in large part to AR-15s chambered in 9mm, commonly called an AR-9. Known for building AR-15s in cartridges not common in AR-15s, CMMG’s 9mm “GUARD” is an excellent rifle for those […]

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Review: Stern Defense MAG-AD9 9mm AR-15 Conversion Kit

Before we dive into the MAG-AD9 conversion, let’s examine the history of pistol caliber carbines real quick. Back in the 70s and 80s, pistol caliber carbines were all the rage. From MP5s, to MAC-10s, to Uzis, many iconic pistol caliber carbines came out of that season in firearms history. These firearms are ancestors of pistol […]

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