Non-Incendiary Tracer Rounds – Streak Ammo

Real tracer rounds function by actually lighting the round on fire. This is a fire hazard, causing tracer rounds to be restricted at most public ranges, not to mention making the round visible to whomever you’re shooting at. The new Streak Ammo uses glow in the dark material to create the trace, instead of burning […]

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Review: CMMG 9mm GUARD – An AR-15 Shooting 9mm

Pistol Caliber Carbines are on the rise once again. Their popularity has faded in recent years, but they are making a very strong return, in large part to AR-15s chambered in 9mm, commonly called an AR-9. Known for building AR-15s in cartridges not common in AR-15s, CMMG’s 9mm “GUARD” is an excellent rifle for those […]

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Review: Stern Defense MAG-AD9 9mm AR-15 Conversion Kit

Before we dive into the MAG-AD9 conversion, let’s examine the history of pistol caliber carbines real quick. Back in the 70s and 80s, pistol caliber carbines were all the rage. From MP5s, to MAC-10s, to Uzis, many iconic pistol caliber carbines came out of that season in firearms history. These firearms are ancestors of pistol […]

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Torture Test: Glock 17 Gen 4

The Glock’s reputation is one of reliability. The Glock tagline is “perfection.” No one in their right mind would doubt the many merits of a Glock pistol. How does it stand up to a torture test?

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Shot Show 2017: Strike Industries MP5 Upper Kit

The H&K MP5 is undoubtedly the most iconic submachine gun of all time. Unfortunately, it is an expensive and rare firearm to get your hands on. Enter Strike Industries. Strike Industries is introducing a modernized upper kit for the MP5, all you need is a MP5 lower!

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Shot Show 2017: The Hudson H9 Handgun

The Hudson H9 pistol is a brand new pistol that is quite the buzz around Shot Show 2017. The main reason for the buzz? The trigger. The design philosophy of the Hudson H9 is a striker fire action with the 1911 trigger, and by all accounts, they have pulled it off.

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9mm is the most popular pistil round in America and is used by NATO forces all over the world. Commonly found in self defense pistols, competition pistols, and pistol caliber carbines, the 9mm is a versatile and capable round hitting the sweet spot in the mythical “knock down power,” extra capacity, and manageable recoil.