.45 ACP

Non-Incendiary Tracer Rounds – Streak Ammo

Real tracer rounds function by actually lighting the round on fire. This is a fire hazard, causing tracer rounds to be restricted at most public ranges, not to mention making the round visible to whomever you’re shooting at. The new Streak Ammo uses glow in the dark material to create the trace, instead of burning […]

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Sig P320 Compact 9mm Pistol Review

“The most modular handgun on the market,” the P320 can be converted to four different sizes and three various calibers. An excellent conceal carry option with multiple calibers and sizes available.

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.45 ACP is a large, very popular pistol caliber round. It’s most commonly found in 1911s, but often found in other self defense pistols, and even in pistol caliber carbines. It used to be the most popular pistol caliber in America, but has been eclipsed by the 9mm.