Students Are Searching for and Pursuing Colleges that Allow Conceal Carry

Even though ten states allow firearms on college campuses, the media was full of doom and gloom blood in the streets cries when Texas recently passed campus carry. This passage allows students, faculty, and everyone else who are of age and have a CHL to carry on college campuses. The anti gunners went as far as to say enacting campus carry would cost give or take $47 million. Even though it has been months since Texas’ campus carry came into effect, civilization is humming along swimmingly.

I think we can safely say that things are going even better than ever – after all students are actively seeking out colleges that allow conceal carry.

Turns out, Americans of all ages and walks of life don’t like spending significant portions of their lives in “victim zones” – especially since mass shooters prefer gun free zones.

Mass Shootings in Gun Free Zones

(Top Photo: Ralph Barrera/The Statesman)

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