Store Launch! Create Your Own Sale

Store launch sale!

In celebration of launching the Locked Back store (hopefully bug free), I am allowing y’all to create your own sale. Yes, that’s right, y’all get to choose what products you want on sale.

Visit the Shop

Pick your own sale products to go on sale

Simply message me on Facebook, tweet at me, or drop a comment on this reddit thread and include a link to a product that you’re interested in and tell me that you want it to go on sale. I’ll take a look at it and give you the best price that I currently can.

Since this is a brand new shop, I’m currently adding products daily. So if there is a manufacturer listed that you like, but a particular product from that company isn’t listed, let me know and I’ll see if it is currently in stock.

Some products are already on sale! So be sure to check them out. EOTech is also running a fantastic rebate in addition to the current sale prices.

I will only be accepting discount requests until the end of Sunday, November 19th, but sale prices will continue to be available until Cyber Monday, November 27th.

Or use the 5% off coupon!

Use the coupon code “BlackFriday” to get 5% off anything in the shop! This coupon code will also be available until Cyber Monday.

Thanks for the support

If y’all don’t find anything you like or can’t make any purchases at this time, I would greatly appreciate it if y’all would like on Facebook, follow on twitter, and/or subscribe to the newsletter – which can be found in the footer below.

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