Drill Sets

Structured dry fire & handgun drill sets.

Random Set Favorites

Primary Skills

Environment Needed

Level Up Handgun Training

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Fundamentals Check

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

Goal: Improve the speed and consistency of confirming sights on target and pulling the trigger without disturbing the sights.

Lead with the Eyes for Fast Transitions

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

A short and simple skill isolation drill set to boost transitions.

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Quick Holster-less Tune Up

Drill Set Time: 5/10/15 minutes

A quick set to improve target acquisition, transitions, and shooting on the move – no holster (or pants) needed!

Transition Isolation

Establish and push a baseline for transition speed.


Click Transition

Improve transitions by initiating the transition the moment the last shot on target breaks.


Lead with the Eyes

The gun go where the eye leads, so fast eyes means a fast gun.


Follow the Eyes

Improve the accuracy of transitions by bringing the sights to the eyes.


Wide and Close

Work on wide and narrow transitions at the same time.

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Perfect the Index

Perfect the ability to look at a target and instinctively get the sights on target without any correction needed.


Build & Release Tension

Reduce the most common un-diagnosed problem in shooters – excessive tension.


Look Up

Improve target acquisition speed and natural index to shoot sooner.


Falling Out

A simple skill isolation drill focusing on position exits.

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Break the Shot

Boost vision speed and shoot the exact moment the sights enter the area of acceptable accuracy.


Fast Entries

Get ready to shoot the moment the target becomes available to get shots off sooner.


Shot Calling

Know where your shots went without having to look at the target.