The Sig Sauer P320 has been adopted by the US Military to replace the long standing Beretta M9. The P320 has been around since 2014, and has been quickly growing in popularity due to the quality and many variations available.

In the short time the Sig Sauer P320 has been on the market, it has gained a solid reputation. The Military Arms Channel puts this pistol through a 1,000 round torture test in about 13 minutes to see how it holds up to a significant amount of sustained fire.

The start of the video goes over the setup for the test, including the lubrication they used on the Sig Sauer P320. The 1,000 round test starts at the 4 minute mark. The torture test just after the 17 minute mark.

P320 1,000 Round Torture Test Results

When the test finished, the trigger itself reached 205 degrees, the slide reached 159 degrees, and the barrel reached 310 degrees. That is an insane amount of wear put on a single pistol – but even so, it completed the test without any failures.

Upon disassembly of the Sig Sauer P320, it held together quite well. It was obviously extremely dirty, but the parts were in great working shape.

After the cooling and disassembly of the Sig Sauer P320, they performed test firing of the pistol and it performed just fine. Not only did it work well, but it remained accurate. The barrel was not shot out and the sights remained on target despite the torture.

P320 1,000 Round Torture Test Conclusion

The Sig Sauer P320 held up extremely well to the extreme conditions. It definitely seems like a durable and reliable pistol. If you’re considering a new conceal carry pistol, range pistol, or competition pistol, there are many variations of the Sig Sauer P320 available to fit many needs. They have optics ready pistols, compact pistols, suppressor ready pistols, full size pistols, and competition ready pistols.

Overview of the Sig Sauer Variations