Shot Show 2017: Ruger American Ranch .450 Bushmaster

The Ruger American Rifle was originally designed in 2011 and released in 2012. Since then, many variations have been introduced, including the Ruger American Ranch Rifle variant. At Shot Show 2017 the Ruger American Ranch in .450 Bushmaster was announced.

The .450 Bushmaster

The .450 Bushmaster is capable of killing big game at 250 yards with devastating 250 grain projectiles. Due to the very flat shooting nature of this caliber, zeroing at 150 yards means there’s only a 2 inch deviation between 100 and 200 yards, making this caliber excellent for hunting big game.

The Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .450 Bushmaster

The Ruger American Ranch rifle weighs only 5.5lbs out of the box, includes a three round straight feed magazine (making it legal in some restricted states), and a 16 1/8 inch barrel topped with a muzzle break. The threaded barrel also makes this rifle a great hunting rifle to suppress.

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