Shot 2017: New Products From KRISS USA

Shot Show 2017 brings new products from Kriss USA.

Kriss USA is most well known for their Kriss Vector, a unique submachine gun chambered in 9mm, .45acp, and 10mm. It accepts the commonly available Glock magazines and has a unique bolt that moves downwards to mitigate recoil. They are available in a carbine, pistol, and SBR form.

For Shot Show 2017, Kriss USA has a number of new products to announce.

New: Accessory Handguard for the Kriss Vector

Pistol Caliber Carbine divisions are becoming more popular in formats like USPSA and IDPA. This new handguard will be excellent for people looking to shoot in PCC divisions with a Kriss Vector.

New: Kriss Defiance DMK .22

The Kriss Defiance DMK .22lr is a unique .22lr AR-15 rifle that allows the barrel to be swapped out with the commonly available Ruger 10/22 barrel. It is compatible with most AR-15 style .22lr magazines.

.22lr AR-15s are excellent training tools, allowing shooters to cheaply train with their familiar AR-15 controls, but with the low costs of .22lr.

New: Sphinx Night Sights

The Kriss Sphinx SDP is an excellent pistol and Kriss is now partnering XS Sights to offer night sights for the Kriss Sphinx SDP.

I am quite jealous of TFB TV – getting to shoot a full auto Kriss Vector SBR in 9mm, .45acp, and 10mm.

Upcoming Classes

More Austin classes coming soon

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