Mixing firearms and archery – worth it? Or just for fun?

With a little bit of redneck engineering, a .410 shotgun shell can be converted into a functioning blank to propel an arrow out of a shotgun. For the air rifle, purpose built arrows can be purchased to merge riflery and archery.

How do you think it will perform?

The arrow out of the .410 shotgun was moving at 1,356 feet per second with a full load from the shotgun shell and completely obliterated a watermelon – and the arrow. The arrow out of the air rifle moved slower, around 500 feet per second, but still caused decent damage to the watermelon with solid penetration. When removing powder from the shotgun shell the arrow slowed down to around 500 feet per second, but was able to survive the shot and increase its penetration.

Practical? Probably not.

Fun? Definitely.