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Shooting the .950 JDJ – Largest Sporting Rifle Made

The .950 JDJ (24.1x70mm) is an absolute monstrosity of a rifle cartridge. The case is approximately 2.756 inches (70mm) long to accept a .950 in (24.1 mm) bullet. The bullets themselves are 3,600 grains which is 8.2 ounces or over half a pound. The bullet leaves the barrel at approximately 2,100 ft/s (640 m/s), yielding a muzzle energy of 38,696 ft·lbf (52,465 J). That is about 14 times as much energy as a a 175gr .308 cartridge, which only yields 2,619 ft·lbf (3,551 J). The .950 JDJ’s energy is similar to a 20mm cannon, or a Toyota Corolla traveling 20mph. Depending on attachments, a .950 JDJ rifle will weigh from 85 to 120 pounds. Definitely not a backcountry hunting rifle.

Shooting the .950 JDJ Rifle

It takes quite a bit of bravery to shoot a bullet that weighs about half a pound.

I think the point of the .950 JDJ is so the designer can say “I made the biggest rifle cartridge in the world” and the owner can say “I own the rifle that shoots the biggest cartridge in the world” and the shooter can say “I shot the biggest rifle cartridge in the world.”

That’s a good enough reason for me.

Brian Purkiss
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Brian Purkiss is a Christian, husband, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, proponent for individual liberty and Second Amendment rights, and a web developer. He primarily focues on USPSA and Run & Gun competitions, but enjoys most other forms of shooting competitions as well.

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