Safety Glasses Protected this Shooter’s Eye from a Ricochet

Wearing quality eye protection could save you from blindness - it sure saved this guy's eye.

Safety Glasses Protected this Shooter’s Eye from a Ricochet Pistol Drill

Shooting sports are inherently dangerous, like many other outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, or football. With all of those activities, there is safety equipment and precautions that can be taken to mitigate the dangers of the sport. Shooting sports are no exception.

Here is a very straightforward example of why eye protection is so important in shooting sports.

This guy could have become blind in one eye if he hadn’t been wearing his eye protection. This is also why it’s important to have safety rated eye protection. Normal sunglasses or eyeglasses won’t stop shrapnel nearly as well as safety rated eye protection.

Shoot steel safely

This particular shooter could have protected himself better by not shooting steel outside of its safety parameters. Shooting steel targets is a lot of fun, but steel target should only be shot at certain distances. For rifle, it’s usually advised to not shoot steel targets within about 100 yards.

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