Review: Proctor Sling, A Two Point Rifle Sling

The Proctor Rifle Sling – a great tool for stabilizing rifle shots, be it off hand or from a rest.

Rifle slings are often overlooked firearms accessories. Many see them as only a way to carry rifles from Point A to Point B – but that’s far from the truth. A good rifle sling allows shooters to increase the stability of their rifle. Slings are critical for shooting a rifle offhand, but can also be used to increase stability when shooting from kneeling, prone, or even off of a barricade.

“It’s probably one of the best bang for the buck slings out there”

Interested in a quick adjust two point rifle sling? Look no further than the two point Proctor Sling.

Proctor Sling Key Features

  • Two point design provides maximum stability
  • Quick adjust system that only adjusts when you want it to
  • Minimalist, yet comfortable, 1″ wide webbing
  • Multiple colors available
  • No dangly bits to get caught on things or get in the way
  • Modular design allows for changing out of atachment points
  • Made out of durable nylon to withstand a lifetime of hard use

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