Review: New & Improved Walther P22 Rimfire Pistol

The new and improved Walther P22 addresses the reliability issues that have plagued this plinking pistol in the past.

The Walther P22 .22lr rimfire pistol is a commonly available handgun, intended for casual plinking and handgun training. However, the old Walther P22 had garnered a reputation for being unreliable and quite picky on the type of .22lr ammo it will feed reliably. Rimfire plinkers rejoice as Walther has overhauled the P22 .22lr handgun and significantly improved the handgun’s reliability.

22Plinkster is known for his incredible trick shots with .22lr, so he is well versed in rimfire handguns and rifles. He weighs in on the new and improved Walther P22.

This handgun update sure seems to address the major issues with the Walther P22, making it an excellent choice for the casual plinker or for someone who wants to get in some cheap .22lr training with a handgun similar to their other handguns.

So what do you think? Is the new and improved Walther P22 enough to save this rimfire handgun? Or is its reputation tarnished forever?

Walther P22 Key Features

  • Double/Single action trigger, 11lbs trigger pull for double action, 4lbs trigger pull for single action
  • Ambidextrous paddle lever magazine release
  • Three dot polymer sights
  • Picatinny rail for accessories such as lights or lasers
  • Laded chamber indicator
  • Threaded barrel option to run a suppressor or faux suppressor
  • Interchangeable backstraps
  • Legendary Walther ergonomics

Walther P22 Specifications

  • Caliber: .22lr
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Barrel length: 3.42 in
  • Overall length: 6.3 in
  • Overall Height: 4.5 in
  • Overall Width: 1.1 in
  • Weight with empty magazine: 17 oz
  • Finish: Nickel, all black, or OD Green grip

Walther P22 Target Pistol

Walther offers multiple version of the P22.

  • P22 Black: Standard black version
  • P22 Nickel: A nickle slide
  • P22 Military: An OD green grip with black slide
  • P22 Black with laser set: A standard P22 black, but includes a built in laser sight
  • P22 Target Black: A black version with extended barrel for target shooting
  • P22 Target Nickel: Extended barrel just like the Target Black, but features a nickel slide

Expect more versions of the Walther P22 to pop up in the future.

Official Walther P22 Page

Upcoming Classes

More Austin classes coming soon

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