Trump Elected President

Election 2016 Results

Many are surprised, and many are not surprised. But I can definitely say that most of us who support the 2nd Amendment are relieved Hillary was not elected.

Trump has had some flip flopping views on the 2nd Amendment, like supporting the Assault Weapons Ban, it’s time to see if he keeps his promises and helps America restore its 2nd Amendment Rights.

What’s next?

Republicans control the Senate AND the House in addition to the presidency. It’s time for the 2nd Amendment political machine to kick it in overdrive and pass some national pro-gun laws.

Replace Scalia and (possibly) other Supreme Court seats

The Supreme Court almost destroyed the 2nd Amendment with the Heller decision. A seat needs to be filled this Presidency, and possibly more seats if Breyer and/or Ginsburg retires.

Pass the Hearing Protection Act

The Hearing Protection Act legalizes suppressors by removing them from the National Firearms Act. This would allow suppressors to be bought without the $200 Tax Stamp – greatly increasing their availability, popularity, and lowering their prices.

Depending on the HPA success, get SBRs and SBSes off the NFA

The tax stamp for short barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns is just as stupid as suppressors, if not more so. Any criminal can buy a hack saw. Let’s get those firearms off the NFA!

Start challenging anti-gun state laws

We need to sue states that have passed anti-gun laws and get those lawsuits working all the way up to the pro-gun Supreme Court and get them repealed. Let’s get rid of the Commifornia laws, magazine restrictions, ammo restrictions, and all “Assault Weapon” bans.

National CCW Reciprocity and/or National CCW License

It’s insane that as a law abiding American citizen I cannot exercise my right to bear arms in some states because I do not have a license for that state and my license has no reciprocity. Ultimately, we need to return to Constitutional Carry as we should not have to pay a fee to exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights – but baby steps first.

What can we do?

Find your representatives once they take office and contact them. Tell them to support pro-gun laws and work to repeal the anti-gun laws. Be specific about the Hearing Protection Act, and keep contacting your representatives all throughout the next four years.

Take your friends to the range! Help get more people active in shooting. It is important to train up the next generation and get more people active in the pro-gun movement.

This battle will not have been worth it if we do not act.