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XS Sight Systems DXT Standard Dot for AK-47s

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Fast target acquisition for AK-47s.

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These are made for fast sight acquisition in all light conditions, feature a low profile, and a snag-free design that can be easily installed. The front sight fits all AK-47 and AKM varieties. It will not fit the SKS or the Czech Vz.58 rifle. The rear sight is designed to replace the AKM rear sight, but can also fit AK-47 varieties. The AK-47 is graduated out to 800 meters, while the AKM is graduated out to 1000 meters. The XS rear sight will overhang slightly if installed on the AK-47 (ex. Norinco). It will not fit the Czech Vz.58 rifle pr SKS.


– Sight Set
– Fits: AK-47 and AKM varieties (will not fit the SKS or the Czech Vz.58 rifle)
– Front Sight: Standard Dot Tritium with Windage Drum
– Rear Sight: Green Tritium with White Outline
– Front Sight Blade Material: Steel
– Includes: Hardware Kit

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Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions8.25 × 5 × 1.25 in

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XS Sight Systems DXT Standard Dot for AK-47s for sale.

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SKU: 277495

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