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UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 Bipod by Leapers Inc, 6.7″ to 9.1″

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An adjustable bipod with a swivel mount.

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Leapers TL-BP01 UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 Bipod is unique tension adjustable 360 degree panning bipod. UTG Recon 360 bipod hash multi-axial tilting base to achieve virtually any desired bi-pod adjustment. Versatile bi-directional bi-pod folding with Five posi-lock positions for convenient use on different firearms at varying angles. Metal construction with square steel cross bolt for superior hold on any picatinny rail. Innovative offset picatinny mounting deck that free’sup hand guard real estate. Fully adjustable legs with Five extend-able lengths lockable via thumb wheel for enhanced stability at multiple heights. Non-slip rubberized foot pads for any terrain or surface. Comes complete with swivel stud kit for swivel stud mounting.

Center height adjustable from 6.7″ to 9.1″.


– Unique Tension Adjustable 360-degree Panning with Multi-axial Tilting Base to Achieve Virtually Any Desired Bipod Adjustment
– Versatile Bi-directional Bipod Folding with 5 Posi-lock Positions for Convenient Use on Different Firearms at Varying Angles
– Metal Construction with Square Steel Cross Bolt for Superior Hold on any Picatinny Rail
– Innovative Offset Picatinny Mounting Deck Frees up Handguard Real Estate
– Fully Adjustable Legs with 5 Extendable Lengths Lockable via Thumb Wheel for Enhanced Stability at Multiple Heights
– Non-slip Rubberized Foot Pads for any Terrain or Surface
– Complete with Swivel Stud Kit for Swivel Stud Mounting
– Center Height Adjustable From 6.7″ to 9.1″


– Panning:Yes
– Posi-lock:Yes
– Extendable Legs:Yes
– Foldable Arms:Yes
– Swivel Stud Mount:Yes
– Picatinny Mount:Yes
– Reversible Arms-Folding:Yes
– Stand:Rubberized Stand
– Material:Aluminum
– Weight:13.3 oz

Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions8.25 × 3.5 × 2 in

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UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 Bipod by Leapers Inc, 6.7″ to 9.1″ for sale.

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