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Troy Industries Viking Tactics Wide Non-Padded Sling


A two point rifle sling.

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The VTAC BattleSling is quick, versatile, dynamic and most importantly simple! The VTAC BattleSling is instantly adjustable to improve your shooting position, allows shooting from weak side shoulder, secures the carbine during handgun transitions, and allows hands-free movement in difficult surroundings. Unlike most slings, the Viking Tactics slings are fully adjustable while in use. You wont have to take a break from the action to adjust your sling. The Viking Tactics BattleSling isnt just a carry strap, its full range of adjustability will enhance retention when you need your hands free. This sling is one of the only tactical slings that can be used as an adjustable shooting sling. Since a tight sling will enhance any shooting position for rifles with collapsible stocks (AR-15 type rifles).

– Color: Black

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Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions7.5 × 5 × 1.25 in

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Troy Industries Viking Tactics Wide Non-Padded Sling for sale.

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