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Run & Gun Symposium, Night Class


The Run & Gun Symposium features an optional night class on Saturday, July 6th.

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The fast approaching Run & Gun Symposium features two days of focused run and gun instruction. But if you still want to learn more about shooting firearms, this night class is an optional opportunity to get in even more shooting.

Run & Gun Symposium Night Class info

Date: July 6, 2019
Location: The Impactzone Range, about a half hour from Houston and an hour and fourty five minutes from Austin
Cost: $40 for the night class, but it is only available for attendees of the Run and Gun Symposium (Register now!)
Round count: 200 pistol
More ammunition is always a good idea! It would suck to run out of ammo before the class is over.

This is a handgun only class.

About the night shoot

This will be a 2 hour night class, quick compared to how much shooting we’ll be doing earlier that day during the Run & Gun Symposium. It will start as the sun is going down and continue into the night. It gets quite dark out at the Impact Zone!

The class will include instruction on how to use a weapon mounted and a handheld flashlight and provide an opportunity for shooters to get in some low light shooting experience.

Which is better, a handheld light or WML?

When using proper technique, neither is better or worse – they simply have different pros and cons. We will go over those pros and cons and how to best utilize each tool for its ideal use case.

I recommend bringing both forms of lights as we will review each of them. You will never know which you prefer until you give it a try. If you cannot bring one for budgetary reasons, that is fine.

If you are unable to bring a weapon mounted light, bring some extra 9mm ammunition and you will have an opportunity to shoot one of mine.

Needed gear

  • Flashlight with at least a few hundred lumens. An ideal self defense flashlight will feature a thumb activation button. If you need recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out
  • A working semi automatic pistol. If you conceal carry, this is a great opportunity for low light practice with your EDC
  • A safe holster for the pistol.
  • Hearing protection
  • Clear eye protection
  • Water
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Fitting clothing that does not leave openings for hot brass to get in

A weapon mounted light is strongly recommended – but only bring a weapon mounted light if you have a holster that accepts the light. The use of weapon mounted lights will not be allowed unless it can be holstered – this is for safety reasons.

If you need light recommendations, do not hesitate to ask.

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