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Otis Technologies Patriot Series Pistol Cleaning Kit, .45 Caliber

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A complete, portable cleaning kit for .45 Caliber handguns.

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The Patriot Series by Otis offers the essential firearm maintenance gear to properly clean from Breech-to-Muzzle. Made by Otis to the highest standards, this kit is designed to clean .45 caliber pistols.


– Memory-Flex Cables: Properly clean from Breech-to-Muzzle and pull fouling out in the same direction as the bullet travels instead of pushing it down into the action. Coated cables won’t damage your barrel.
– Brushes: Caliber specific and color coded bore brush for easy identification of size. Corrosive resistant core and tighter twist with double the bristles.
– Patches & More: The proprietary patch design offers 360° coverage in your barrel for more effective cleaning. Each patch can be used up to six times.
– Precision Cleaning: For complete breakdown and fine cleaning of critical and hard to reach areas.
– T-Handle Tool: This multi-purpose tool functions as a t-handle(slide a cable through the center groove), rod handle(attach a rod to the 8/32 threaded insert) and bit driver(insert selected bit into bit holder)


– 8″ Cable with large slotted tip
– .45 cal bore brush
– 3″ patches
– Long slotted tip
– 2 rods
– .45 cal mop
– Square patches
– Double ended all purpose receiver brush
– Multi-purpose T-Handle Tool
– Four bits(5/32″ hex, T20 hex, Phillips #0, Phillips #2)
– Plastic Case

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Weight0.805 lbs
Dimensions8.7 × 4.85 × 1.8 in

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Otis Technologies Patriot Series Pistol Cleaning Kit, .45 Caliber for sale.

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