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Otis Technologies AR Maintenance Tool Set

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Keep an AR-15 in good working order with this tool set.

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The Brass Scraper Tool Set contains the tools to clean some of the most critical parts of your firearm that would have been nearly impossible to clean before. Included in this set are a scraper, a locking lug scraper, a straight pick, a pin punch, a nylon end brush, a compact receiver brush, and two rod handles. These tools will not scratch the firearm, and with them you can now thoroughly clean areas such as the locking lugs, the slides, bolt face, rails, and any other hard to reach places. These components can be ordered as separate add-ons to all kits, and will fit in existing softpacks!

Set Includes:

– Brass Scraper: The brass scraper is used to clean carbon deposits and other debris from any flat surface on your firearm. This includes areas such as the bolt face and rails.
– Locking Lug Scraper: This scraper is designed specifically for the locking lugs of your AR-15/M4/M16. It has a 90 degree bend so it allows you to finally be able to clean the back side of the locking lugs.
– Straight Locking Lug Pick: The straight pick is engineered to clean in the tight crevices of your firearm.
– Pin Punch: The pin punch is great for removing the pins out of any firearm held together with a pin system.
– Nylon End Brush: This end brush can be used to lubricate the slides, but also has stiff enough bristles to dust off carbon and other loose debris.
– Compact Receiver Brush: With its aggressive heat treated, nylon bristles, the compact receiver brush can be used on all parts of any firearm that may need a bit of a scrub.
– Male Rod Handle & Female Rod Handle: The male and female rods act as handles, and can be added onto any of the components in this tool set for additional length during precision cleaning.

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Otis Technologies AR Maintenance Tool Set for sale.

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